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Shadow Pictures is a fairly new independent Belgian movie production company created by Ray Kermani specializing in horror movies. 

In 2017, Shadow Pictures produced several short movies, 'Seance', 'Shoes', 'Little Shoes', 'Lilith' and 'The Summoning', all selected at various international film festivals. You can watch 'Shoes', 'Little Shoes' and 'Lilith' @


In October 2017, 'Sceance' won the prize for best international short film at the Moving Pictures Festival in Kalmthout (Belgium).


'Shoes' was selected 38 times, nominated 12 times and received 7 awards worldwide.


In 2018, Shadow Pictures shot several short movies, such as 'In Her Shoes' and 'Blind Spot', and wrote a screenplay for a feature film that made it to the finals of the Imagine Pitch Contest 2019 in Amsterdam and received the semi-finalist laurel at the Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship 2019.


'In Her Shoes' was selected 39 times, nominated 20 times, and received 15 awards worldwide.


'Blind Spot' was selected 20 times and received 5 awards worldwide.


Ray Kermani is constantly working on new projects. For more information, check out our YouTube, visit us on Facebook or follow Ray Kermani on Instagram.

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